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Christopher Bales currently lives and works in Sacramento, California, USA.  Send emails to , if you need to contact the artist directly. Feel free to use the comments section below for public correspondence.

  1. Christopher 09.07.07 / 12am

    Welcome to my contact page.

  2. Mia 02.21.08 / 6pm

    Amazing work you have here. I’m researching assembling sculpture and I have to say, you have the most clever ideas. You are very original!

  3. Christopher 02.22.08 / 8pm

    Thanks Mia! I appriciate you taking the time to visit my website. I hope to be adding new sculptures to the gallery very soon.

  4. Matt 09.26.08 / 8pm

    “Home Coming” is one of my favorite pieces. Wish I could afford to bid on it. I love the way the KVIE gal mentioned the REAL BULLET! Fortunately, no sane artist would use a live bullet…right?!

  5. Tony 11.01.08 / 3am

    Hey Chris,
    Long time no anything. Nice new wordpress site.
    Smart man. Looking good.


  6. Rob D. 07.23.09 / 9pm

    Hi Chris,
    Where is the piece with the Diver Dan Helmet in it? I\’ll be first in line to buy it. Most excellent work bro. r

  7. Tommy Skiens ("Torrie-Venus") 01.02.10 / 9pm

    Hi Chris,

    I’m Tony Skiens older brother; I just wanted to express how truly Magical, Inspiring and Wonderful your work is. I love this kind of surreal juxtapositioning of imagery and iconic figurism. I am from an “alternative” perspective myself – anything out of the ordinary and boldly and beautifully expressive is akin to my own heart and sensibilities. Your work is both touching and yet perhaps delightfully troubling for those who have chosen to blindly follow such symbolism. As my “Torrie” identity is both admired and paradoxically feared (our society does not deal well with gender roles being malligned, changed, altered and held up for scrutiny, not yet anyway) so too does your art work magnify issues which are never/will never be completely agreed upon by the masses. Religion, Spirituality and the Pop Culture at large will never engage in one complete perfect singular focus, nor should it. Your magificent work encourages – insists – that we Think. And I like that.

    Continue with the Excellence,

    “Torrie-Venus” (Tommy Skiens)

  8. Greg Skewis 10.27.11 / 5pm

    Are you familiar with this sculptor? Pretty interesting stuff

  9. susan spencer 03.25.12 / 10am

    Hi Christopher! looking forward to meeting you! Am starting to blog the show (The Beat Gallery, Ukiah) on our blog site….blogged you…hope that’s okay-best-Susan -let me know if that’s not okay-I’ll ammend

  10. art exhibition Maimi 08.20.12 / 2am

    I am a very big fan of Christopher Basel’s different and unique art forms. These are one of those beautiful creations. All creations are simply awesome.

  11. Anonymous 05.06.13 / 1pm

    Many moons have passed since I studied at that fine institution Boddington University.

    That’s how Phnom Penh has managed to put traumatized memories into museums and books, looking ahead to the future, and living life to the fullest now. We’re talking history class outside the confines of the classroom.

  12. Rachel 06.25.13 / 7pm

    I saw a picture of one of your assemblage sculptures on my friend’s Facebook post and I loved it so much, I had to google you to see if I could find more. And here I am! I LOVE YOUR WORK! Do you ever travel outside of CA for shows? I’d love to find a gallery that shows your stuff, but I am only in CA once a year.
    P.S. That verification number made is next to impossible to post on your wall here. I had to copy it and paste it into another app, then highlight it in order to “decode it.”

  13. Christopher 06.25.13 / 11pm

    Thank you for your kind words, Rachel. I’ve not had many recent shows outside CA. If I do, I will be sure to post it in my NEWS section. Sorry the verification number was so hard to read. I just get so many bot attacks.

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